How do I cancel?

Just go to your orders page, which can be found in your account menu in the top right hand corner of each page on the site.

Click 'manage recurring order' or 'manage one-time order' depending on the order you wish to cancel.  

Click 'more options' then select 'cancel this order'.

Make sure you click through any subsequent options until you see confirmation of your cancellation.  

If you have only one regular order set up (for example, one box that arrives every week or one box that arrives every two weeks) then this will fully cancel that regular order and no more boxes will be sent. 

If you have more than one regular order set up (for example two boxes a week, or one box that gets delivered to you and one that goes to a friend) you’ll need to repeat this process for each order.

The cut-off time for making changes to your orders can be found next to ‘cut-off time’ in the middle of your deliveries page.

As long as you cancel before your cut-off time, no more boxes will be sent. If your next box is already being prepared when you cancel your regular order, then this final box will still be sent.

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