Which types of boxes do you offer?

Aside from our sample box, all of our boxes contain 8 portion-controlled snacks. We offer a variety box which will let you explore the entirety of our range (except for any snacks you’ve rated "trash"). We also offer the following: a calorie count box with snacks less than 150 calories, a sugar count box which only contains snacks 5g of sugar or less, a popkern box that’s perfect for movie night, a top 20 box packed with our top-rated snacks, an afternoon pick-me-up box to combat that 3 pm slump, a carb count box for those counting carbs, a protein box for those looking to pack more protein into their diet, a sweet treat box to satisfy that sweet tooth, and a savory box full of scrumptious snacks. You can find the perfect box for you by heading here.

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