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Which types of boxes do you offer?

Aside from our sample box, all of our boxes contain 8 portion-controlled snacks. We offer a variety box which ... read more

Is my box recyclable?

We’re really proud to say that your box is completely recyclable! All of our snack packs are made from PET num... read more

Will my graze box fit in my mailbox?

While your boxes are designed to fit most standard mailboxes, this may vary based on the size of your mailbox.... read more

What is a one time box?

A one time box is an extra graze box, which can be ordered in addition to your recurring order. If you’re look... read more

Do I need to have an account to send a one time box?

To send a one time box, you do need to create an account with us. It won’t take long--promise! Just head here ... read more

Can I send a one time box as a gift?

Yes! Our one time boxes make the perfect gift (who doesn’t love snacks?!). They can be shipped to all US addre... read more

Is there a limit to the number of one time boxes I can send?

There’s no limit to the number of one time boxes that you can send, so feel free to share the gift of graze wi... read more

How much do one time boxes cost?

Our 8-snack boxes cost $13.99, including shipping. However, there may be a small shipping charge associated wi... read more

When/how will I be charged for the one time box?

Just like your recurring order, we will take payment during your cut-off time. To view your cut-off time, just... read more

Can I return my box for a refund?

Since each box is prepared especially for you, we’re not able to refund for boxes that are refused or marked a... read more

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